Channeling Love - through hands, words & dance

Was becoming a professional medium and healer a piece of cake?

More of a 40-year journey of self-realization to finally embrace my Natural Medium & Healer. Here is the story of how I learned to let my uniqueness flow to serve the whole.

Deborah Martin


I was a Medium before I even knew what that is. When I was about four years old, I remember traveling to the spiritual world while lying in bed in the evening, even when I was awake. Through conscious, mindful breathing – to the point where “it breathed me” – I went, for example, into spiritual lavender fields and thus found inner peace, a place of security. I felt my energy body and how its energetic quality changed, admired beautiful “colored lights” around me and felt lovingly accompanied. I knew I was not alone. I found deep rest, peace, and surrender into pure breathing, just being. I conversed with the animated nature. Especially with flowers and stones, they have inspired me then as well as today and are lightful companions.

My Inner Healer got ignited when I found a book about a woman with healing hands on my grandmother’s bookshelf when I was about ten years old. I was fascinated! She could heal other people just using her hands! At that time, I did not know that my great-grandmothers were also healers.

Seven years later, when my classmates were choosing their university and following the classic academic path, I chose to become a Tai-Chi Master at the University of Life.

Thanks to an optional sports class at my high school, I got introduced to Tai-Chi, this ancient Chinese internal martial arts practice. Tai-Chi has completely changed my life. I started to feel the life force flowing through my body and around me again, and after a year of intense daily practice I started to give classes on my own. I am still grateful today, everyday, that I was able to regularly train with the Chinese Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and for many years with Cate Wallis. After the training, we often gave short massages to each other, and many times I received the feedback that I was intuitively touching their body parts that were in pain or with the most tension. I started to pay attention to letting go of wanting to control my hands or executing a massage technique. I learned to fully trust in the higher intelligence – Love that was guiding me.

It was only 20 years later I heard of a healing practice called Spiritual Healing, where the practitioner, consciously connected to his spirit guides, serves as a pure channel, allowing the cosmic energy to flow through his hands into the areas the healing energy is most needed. During a two years apprenticeship, I built a strong relationship with my spirit guides, gained solid confidence in my natural ability, embraced being a Light Worker and experience fulfillment in channeling Love.

I didn’t choose to become a Medium. Life offered me this path, to share and live my Love. Several mediumship week seminars have been gifted to me. I was originally booked as a translator, but the guest tutors to be translated could not be present and I ended up completing the training weeks as a student. This happened several times!

I was realizing that I was already born as a Medium and was doing Readings before I knew what a Reading actually is. I just needed to be reminded of my inherent abilities and gain self-confidence.

A two-year master’s degree brought full confidence in my individual mediumship and took my practice to the next level. I began leading circles and offering courses and seminars for aspiring mediums.

In 2016, after many many years of practicing and teaching Tai-Chi the traditional way, I’ve created CHI-DANCE.
Chi-Dance is a unique synthesis of Tai-Chi and free dance, a joyful form of meditation in motion.
You can find out more about Chi-Dance, my journey of realizing that I AM Dancing Heart Peace, and my latest creation “Get Out Of Your Head” EMBODIMENT Journey for Mediums and Highly Sensitive People, 30 days journey and 1 week seminar from November 11-15, 2024 in the Swiss Mountains, at the end of this page.

Today, I recognize my gifts and live them to the fullest. I love being consciously connected with my dear spirit friends and continuously refining my mediumistic and psychic abilities – preferably at the wonderful Arthur Findlay College – to be the purest possible channel of Love.

Deborah Martin

Professional medium and healer

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Deborah began her life-long love affair with dancing at the age of four, training and performing throughout her childhood in ballet and rhythmic gymnastics.

Both disciplines gave her a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the body as an instrument of lyrical expression.

So, when Deborah found her way to the study of Tai-Chi at the age of 17, she intuitively grasped the philosophy of Chi as an energy force created from the dance of the Yin and Yang principles.

Since then, she has dedicated her life to the study and exploration of this ancient Chinese practice in the development of mind, body, and spirit, integrating it with her passion for dance.

Deborah created a unique synthesis of Tai-Chi and free dance into a joyful form of meditation in motion called CHI-DANCE.

In Chi-Dance, Deborah helps us create a connection with the dancing life energy of Chi that is both grounded and free-flowing at the same time, filling the mind, body, and spirit with the awareness and freedom of the present moment, that wellspring of joy and contentment in the here and now.

With gentle encouragement, Deborah guides us to that expansive space within, where the echoes of old ideas and beliefs that dance must look beautiful, right, good or any particular way can no longer be heard from their place within our minds.

Instead, Chi-Dance invites us to that unbounded place within our hearts where we may fully engage in creative movement with the impulses of the ever-changing divine life force.



EMBODIED MEDIUMSHIP SEMINAR November 11-15, 2024  in a beautiful venue in the Swiss Alps. To refine, ground and fully embrace your High Sensitivity as a Dancing Manifestation Power.

Through my newest creation “Get Out Of Your Head”
30-day EMBODIMENT JOURNEY for Highly Sensitive People, we will practice channeled Chi-Flow and QiGong elements that fit best your current life situation. We’ll start with a 90 minute introduction session in which you’ll receive a Soul-Reading combined with a Flow-Coaching to experience an easy-to-do at home movements practice. My sessions are tailor made, channeled for you! – for more clarity, energy and flow in your life.